Yes it’s me. The blog has a new look and everything, so you can tell this time, the repentance is for real.

I started this blog a couple of years ago as a means of creative expression; I wanted to tell my truth, tell my story. Somewhere along the line, I may have lost my way. I became more cautious of things I wanted to say. I became very careful of how I told my truths.

So I came up with excuses not to write. Procrastination this, writer’s block that. For too long I let the voices of fear and doubt win.

I am grateful to be surrounded by people, who through loving words and hateful speech, encouraged me to keep writing. They reminded me that I could not be ashamed of my truths, as I do not owe anyone my precious, precious life.

So this is me getting out of my head, because the only way to silence the voices is to just write, for I cannot let them win. I have accepted that the things I want to write would not write themselves. Stories cannot tell themselves, they have to be told.

So here I am, 4 years later, still writing about things that haunt me, things I can’t forget, things I can’t keep quiet about. I will tell my stories, and the stories that come find me. I will be writing about how I’m trying. Because that’s all anyone really needs to do. Try.

And if you are here, 4 years after, you win. Because it means you’re still trying.

Thanks for reading! Comment and share as you please.

I have an updated About page, do well to check that out.

See you soon!


38 thoughts on “THIS GIRL, AGAIN

  1. You Are Always The Best At This…..I Love Reading Your Write-ups And Always Make Sure l Shared The Link With Family And Friends….


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